Site Description

This is a site that looks towards technologies future. With strategies and ideas for the things we use everyday to get even better. This is not the place to come for breaking news,this is the place you come to figure out how to use the technology you have to it's full potential, to look for the products of today reaching into the future, and the ideas that could shape our use of technology.

The Code

  1. There will not be:
    • link bait
    • questions, that could be answered with yes or no, made into long articles
    • misleading titles
    • '_ killer' articles (i.e. "Microsoft just released an iPad killer.")
    • lists with each item on its own page
    • any of the other bad practices some tech blogs have taken to using
  2. If I say I like something, I really like it. I am not being paid to write articles about products and apps I don't believe in. I will not take money to write a favourable opinion on something, ever.

  3. If I start using ads they will be as unobtrusive as possible. There will definitely not be a video ad that pops up and starts auto playing. (Looking at you Wired.)

  4. If I write about an app I will have the name, price, OS, and hyperlink to download right there. A list of everything linked will be at the bottom of the page. Those hyperlinks won't take you to another post on my site about that app. (Unless I specify that.)

  5. I won't make you read a paragraph and then click to see the full article from an RSS reader. I understand why sites do this with RSS feeds. They don't make those sweet advertising dollars if you read by RSS but I hate having to do it so I won't do it to you.

Why aestus?

Pronunciation: ace-tis

It comes from a the greek god Hephaestus, patron of craftsmen. Years ago I cut the word in half and its been stuck in my head ever since.

My Ideas

If you are particularly struck by one of my ideas for an app or physical product, I would be happy to work with you to make that idea a reality. Any idea on here is my intellectual property, so don't just steal them.


I may review certain products if I have a strong feeling either way about them. I am looking for apps or products that are innovative, not a feature clone of something that already exists. If you would like me to review your product contact me below.

About Me

I am just a person who loves technology. I want to voice my opinions to make it better. I am currently obsessed with my iPad and am trying to make it the best device it can be.

My Set Up

I may make a full post on this later but I thought I should list the tech I own, being that this is a tech blog.

My main devices, the iPad and Macbook, may seem a little old for a tech blogger but they are holding up very well. No plans to upgrade though, they can do everything I need.

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