Introducing The 'Aest-OS' Series

What will the future of computing hold? We are about to see a deluge of technological advances that seem like they were pulled straight out of the future. Hardware is improving at an accelerating rate, enabling super computers in our pockets, context aware software and much more. With everyone focused on the future, I want to re-think computing with these new technologies in mind (and rethink some old ideas). This is the introduction to AestOS, a series of articles that look at every aspect of computing and explores how they could be rebuilt to be even better. Click through to read the rest of the introduction.

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My Next Phone Will Be A Moto X

As much as I love my iPhone, I can't keep waiting for Apple to do what I want it to do. The type of iOS innovation I want to see is stagnant, Apple fights against progress tooth and nail and it treats developers as expendable. The Moto X and Android offer the innovation and freedom I want. I spent years of waiting for Apple to do cool things with iOS and they just aren't coming.

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Site Change: Post Pace Slowing To Twice A Month

I'm changing the pace that I post articles in 2015. I'll be posting once every 2 weeks rather than continue the weekly pace. The truth of it is I have exhausted many of the things I wanted to say. I also want to pursue other writing efforts. I am currently in the final stages of editing a book about living with mental fatigue and while it is possible to both, I want to have more time to focus on both posts and other things. The pace of articles on this site will slow but it won't stop.

Teaching People To Code, So They Want To Pay For Apps

Solving softwares pricing race to the bottom isn't easy. People don't want to pay more for things they think should be cheap or free. By teaching people to code they may come to see that it takes a lot of work to make an app and be more willing to pay for software. Click through to read more.

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