A Better Way To Move Web Browser Tabs Between Windows

If your are anything like me you have multiple web browser windows open, all with multiple tabs. I like to use different windows to organize my tabs based on how I use them. I usually have a “work” window, a “relax” window, and an “RSS” window. It’s a pretty good system for me but it all falls apart when I need move a tab from one window to another. I use Safari and the process of moving a tab from one window is a clunky mess. You drag the tab off the Safari bar and into another window or to empty space to create a window for that tab. What’s worse is you have to have your windows organized on screen so you can drag from one to another. If your windows maximized you have to shrink them to make dragging from one to the other possible. It is such a poor experience it makes more sense to just copy the URL and reload it in the window you want. I have a solution that will fix this: Web Browser “Mission Control.”

It works like this:

  • You pull a tab off the bar.
  • The background darkens and the browser windows you have open are displayed.
  • You drag to one of the established windows or grey space if you want a new window.

Easy peasy

Final Notes

The web browser hasn’t changed much for the user since tab support. There are still simple actions that require us to jump through hoops to complete and this is one of them. Here’s hoping Apple, Google, Mozilla, or anyone else starts looking at how to make using a web browser better, not just more powerful.

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