A Project Based File Management Application

I have come across an issue when working on large projects with multiple file types. Organizing everything in a cohesive, comprehensive manner isn’t easy. Right now I am using nested folders in a file system but I have better idea for projects like this. An app that hooks into your Dropbox, or other cloud storage app, and syncs with your files. You organize files into “Projects” without changing how they are organized in Dropbox. You manually pull in the related files or you can use a project tag to automatically add them. The files inside projects can be tagged with things like rough draft, unused, source, possible use, etc without adding tags to your file systems list. If it’s possible, it would be cool if each project could have its own folder in the file system that has links to the files that are stored elsewhere.

The real benefit here would be the comprehensive view of everything in one place. You could:

  • See all your pictures and files beside your text documents
  • Look through all of your sources
  • To do lists tied to the project are grouped in
  • Get the wide picture view of large complex projects.

Final Words

I put way too much time into thinking about file management but I can’t help it. I’m just not satisfied with the current solutions. I like this idea because rather than changing how we store files, we change how we view them.

Agree? Disagree? Comment Below.

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