The Next Big Web Browser Feature? Tab Groups

The Problem

Have you ever been doing in your web browser something and by the end have 5 tabs open on the same subject, that you want to come back to? We have all been there. We need to access this group of sites again but don't need to save them permanently. How can you close/hide those 5 tabs while making it easy to reopen them?

What You Can Do Now:

  • Open a new window, but that can take up computer resources. (depending on your browser and OS) This isn't an option on mobile.
  • Open a different web browser, but have to deal with having two browsers open and the computer resources this takes up. (And you have to set up the other browser how you like it.)
  • Save those tabs as a bookmark to open later which makes opening them back up easy but a pain to delete once you move onto new pages. (You can bookmark them all at once on the desktop but these are not things to keep, just what you're working on.)

What if you have multiple groups of tabs like this? Your browser is cluttered with all these tabs that you need sometimes, but not always. It's a terrible system that leads to many unnecessary tabs being open and wasted battery life and resources.

The Solution

The solution is to add a 'Tab Groups' feature to browsers that can save a group of tabs that can can be opened and closed with one press/click. The sites themselves are not saved but the group of tabs of the session are. So if you save 5 tabs and reopen them, navigate to new pages, and close the group, those are the ones that are save. Here's how it would work:

  • You go to bookmarks and press 'Tab Group A', it opens up those tabs.
  • You do what you want to do.
  • Go back to bookmarks and press 'Tab Group A' again and the current tabs save and close themselves.

Tab Groups make switching between different tasks on your browser simple. It reduces the unnecessary tedium of doing it manually and it reduces the clutter of a bunch of open tabs. It would be pretty easy to implement so get on it web browser engineers.

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