Prediction: Amazon Will Release A Colour E-Ink Comic Reader

Amazon recently purchased Comixology, a digital comic book reading platform. I normally don't pay much attention to Amazon's company acquisitions but this one excited me. Why? Because I have wanted a colour E-Ink tablet to read graphic novels on for years. (Graphic novels are comic books for those who don't know.) Why would I want this? Isn't the iPad, or any tablet, a perfect device for digital graphic novels? Not for me, I just don't like reading them on a backlit screen. In most cases I'd much rather purchase digital content, but graphic novels remain the one thing that I buy the physical version of.

Amazon is in an excellent place to make and sell a colour E-Ink comic book reader. It would fit their hardware business model, sell their devices as cheap as possible in order to sell more digital content. The Kindle series, their line of e-readers and tablets, boosts sales of books and other digital media. A colour E-Ink comic reader could do the same thing for comics. It would be a risky move though, the Kindle Fire tablet can already display comics. Does a large enough group of people dislike reading digital comics on a backlit screen enough that they would buy another device? Well judging by the fact that Comixology was one of the highest grossing apps in the iOS App Store last year, I doubt it. It would be a gamble but if Amazon thinks it will sell more comics it has a chance. The colour E-Ink comic book reader is at the top of my list of new products I want, I truly hope Amazon makes one.

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