Pinterest Is The Future Of Search

Not long ago, I thought Pinterest was a thing ladies went on to check out crafts. A narrow-minded, un-intentionally sexist, view I’ll admit but anything I heard about Pinterest didn’t pique my interest to explore further. However, something changed and I now believe Pinterest to be the future of search. Google isn’t going anywhere but Pinterest’s new ‘Guided Search’ seems to be the next evolution of search. Basically it is a way to narrow down search results in a very natural way.

You can search for a single thing, say desks, and receive a plethora of pictures of desks. The magic is that you can narrow down your search parameter with multiple specific terms. So if I want to see desks that are modern, minimal, and grey I just add those terms to the original desk. I see exactly what I want and, usually, nothing more. It is so awesome, seriously go try it if you haven’t.

Website (Guided Search doesn't appear to have made it to the web yet.)



Possible Problems

Pinterest was just funded 200 million at a 5 billion dollar evaluation. They have plenty of cash and say they are going to monetize “naturally.” I only bring this up because they are building a war chest to battle for a place in search. The problem is that no matter how revolutionary their guided search is, it will be a challenge to make people think of Pinterest when they need to search for something. Another huge problem will be that Google allows you to search for practically anything: directions, news articles, books, etc. Will people use a service like Pinterest’s guided search if they have to go elsewhere for other types of search? I have found myself searching Google for images simply because when I search I go to Google, or more accurately type it in my address bar.

Pinterest and Apple Alliance In Search

Pinterest cloning Google makes no sense, look at Microsofts Bing. However they could take advantage of Apple’s wish to remove anything Google from their computers and work together on a new smart search bar and Siri integration. You still search the same way but depending on the context of what you search for different search engines are used, similar to how Siri works. (I will have a full post on this in the coming weeks.) Search with Pinterest is just another piece of the search puzzle for Apple and it could be something better than Google Search. That would be a huge win for Apple and a huge opportunity for Pinterest.

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