Streaming Music App Concept

I really like Beats 1. Not for the music, it doesn’t really play what I like most of the time. It’s the DJ’s I find captivating. They have such a passion for the music they play, it makes you like it more. However, I also think Beats 1 is a terrible implantation. It’s 2015 and Apple is trying to put radio on the internet. Why the hell can’t I listen to the different shows on demand? Sure I can listen to the playlists later but you lose the DJ’s talking about the tracks. So what if we did radio but without feeling like we are in the 90’s? This is how I would do it.

Create Your Own Shows And Listen To Other Users Shows

What if you could record your voice and create your own radio shows? Beats 1 is compelling because of the DJ’s, why not bring that to everyone? Users could record up to 30 seconds of talking and put that in-between songs. (The 30 second limit is to avoid people recording unlicensed music and playing it.) Or they could talk over the songs they are playing. Other users could follow these radio shows and listen to them on demand. The cream rises and we get passionate, charismatic hosts for our favourite music.

On Demand Shows And Curation

You can follow those DJ’s and get a feed of their shows with their vocals in tact. They could also create special playlists that are curated out of their regular feeds. All on demand. If you want to do what Apple is doing with Beats 1, they can take the most popular shows and organize them into 24 hour radio. It’s community curation, voted by the people that like the same kind of music they like.

Final Words

Music is changing and this could be a way to make it really democratic and social. A service like this could define tastemakers and make the community the most important part of the service.

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