This is the place where I write my opinions on technologies problems, future innovations, and how to make the best things available today even better. I want computing to move forward and I hope my words can help just a little bit. For health reasons I can't make these ideas a reality, but I can write them down so hopefully others can. My posts will be mostly Apple related but there will be posts on other topics or platforms. I do use Apple products almost exclusively though, so most posts will be from a Mac and IOS viewpoint.

You may agree with me, you may think I am an idiot, both are fine. If you think I am wrong about something I welcome the debate so send me a message. Finally, you aren't going to be finding breaking news, or rumours here. This is going to be the place to discuss how things can get better and who is doing it right, right now.

All posts will follow this code:

The Code

  1. There will not be:
    • link bait
    • questions, that could be answered with yes or no, made into long articles
    • misleading titles
    • '__ killer' articles (i.e. "Microsoft just released an iPad killer.")
    • lists with each item on its own page
    • any of the other bad practices some tech blogs have taken to using
  2. If I say I like something, I really like it. I am not being paid to write articles about products and apps I don't believe in. I will not take money to write a favourable opinion on something, ever.

  3. If I start using ads they will be as unobtrusive as possible. There will definitely not be a video ad that pops up and starts auto playing. (Looking at you Wired.)

  4. If I write about an app I will have the name, price, OS, and hyperlink to download right there. A list of everything linked will be at the bottom of the page. Those hyperlinks won't take you to another post on my site about that app. (Unless I specify that.)

  5. I won't make you read a paragraph and then click to see the full article from an RSS reader. I understand why sites do this with RSS feeds. They don't make those sweet advertising dollars if you read by RSS but I hate having to do it so I won't do it to you.


  • I won't be writing just to fill an editors quota. I am doing this on my own and when I feel I have something to say I will write it. (I will try and post at least once a week)

  • There may be infrequent posting. I only want to post, what I think are, quality articles. I also have some health issues that make working for long periods of time hard.

  • If I ever use 'Digitimes' as a source, you know it is time to stop reading and unsubscribe from the RSS feed.

  • I have absolutely zero contacts at the companies I speculate and make predictions about. There is no source just what I read on other blogs and my own intuition.

  • I am not an expert and I may get things wrong. I will do my best to be right but if I make a mistake, call me on it.

  • I will continue to work on my grammar. I apologize I have been out of school for a while and my grammar isn't what it used to be.

  • This blog will grow, and become better technically. If you are reading this, the site may be basic because I am focusing on the words. (Not a kick ass theme.)

  • I may swear. If you are a child, and aren't allowed to read stuff with swears, don't tell your parents you come here.

  • If you would like to help with this site email me. I am new to this, especially the visual elements, so if you want to help I welcome it. I may look into doing guest posts in the future but for now it will be just my writing.

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