Pranayama Trainer

Breath deeper, gain focus, relax and feel better with Pranayama Trainer. Pranayama Trainer makes it easy to learn the ancient practise of Pranayama breathing.

Pranayama is a part of Yoga but has many stand alone benefits.

Pranayama Trainer allows you to customize how deep you will breath and how long you will practise for. Start with a two second inhale and four second exhale then move up as your lung capacity increases. You can choose between depths of breath:

  • 2 in, 4 out
  • 3 in, 6 out
  • 4 in, 8 out

Duration goes from 5 minutes to 60.

You don't need to do Yoga, meditate or study Pranayama breathing for this app to help you.

Privacy Policy

Pranayama Trainer doesn't require you to give any personal information and no data leaves the app. I gather 0 data from you.

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