Quick Dice Roller

Are you a tabletop gamer? Then you need this app.

You probably know this scenario: - You’re in an epic battle - You attack and need to roll for damage - So you begin searching through your bag of dice - After a 30 seconds or so you have the dice you need and you make your roll - After more time counting up your total you give your total to the GM. - Then the same process is repeated for the other party members. Which leaves the battle feeling slow, with lots of waiting.

Quick Roll aims to speed this process up leading to faster paced action.

It’s perfect for GM’s as well: GM’s need to roll some weird combinations of dice. For example, my GM needed to roll 48D8. (We dropped a forcefield with a bunch of demons on top of it and they fell to the ground.) He was rolling 8D8 at a time, recording the total and then repeating the process. After the 2nd round, I asked “What is the roll?” Within 5 seconds I had the total. Just one example GM’s can benefit from Quick Roll.

How It Works: With 9 customizable buttons and an easy way to enter in any combination you need, you can roll any combination you need and help speed up the action. Save the rolls you commonly use to make things even faster. These rolls are just a tap away. Get your results in an instant with no searching for dice, no counting and no re-rolling when your dice fly off the table. Perfect for any tabletop gamer, especially ones that need to roll large numbers of dice. No more adding up 14D6 for high level Sorcerers/Wizards casting Fireball.

While simple, Quick Roll satisfies all your rolling needs. It can replace your bag of dice or compliment it.

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No data leaves the app, at all. Not even that time you rolled 3 natural 20's in a row.

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