Tech writing can be a nightmare of link bait, dubious rumours, and idiotic analysts. On the flip side are the people on this list. These are the people who I trust when reading about technology.

Federico Viticci

Founder of

Twitter: @viticci

Federico Vittici's posts are like a well written version of my thoughts. It is uncanny how I can see some news and a couple days later he writes a post that sums up my thoughts much better than I could. I wish I had 10% of the talent he does. Beyond that he is a fellow cancer survivor, an iPad enthusiast and as far as I'm concerned the best writer on the web. I highly recommend anything he does.

Brett Terpstra

Twitter: @ttscoff

Brett is the guru of DIY computing. If something doesn't work right Brett comes up with a solution and releases his fix to the world, usually for free. He makes tools, or applications, that take frustrations and turns them into solutions. Every Mac or iOS tinkerer owes him a debt of gratitude.

Michael Simon

Twitter: @HCMarks

His writing is a breath of fresh air in the cloud of tech writing drivel. When other sites are pushing obviously false rumours or posts to get clicks, his sharp writing and wit can cuts out the bullshit to give you the truth.

John Gruber and Jim Dalrymple

Daring Fireball and The Loop

Daring Fireball's Twitter: @daringfireball

The Loop's Twitter: @theloop

I put them together because of their similar styles. They both give their take on Apple news and rumours, usually with a short statement. They cut through the onslaught of Apple news and articles, and highlight the best and destroy the worst. Plus their industry contacts feed them accurate information and they use it to dispel outrageous rumours that other sites are reporting practically as fact. Two very smart people who's word you can trust.

Special Note: John Gruber also earns my respect by devising and creating Markdown. The language that I write in.



Youtube Link

Twitter: @ColdFustion

A guy from Australia that makes videos that are so compelling it almost made me switch to Android. His video production is so good it equals, or sometimes surpasses, large companies. If you are looking for a smart voice from the Android ecosystem I would go to him first.


Youtube Link

Twitter: @MKBHD

Another person I trust with reviews, and general tech advice is Marques Brownlee. High video production value, smart industry insight, and he always has the newest coolest gadgets.


The Cult Cast

iTunes Link

Erfon's Twitter: @erfon

Buster's Twitter: @bst3r

Leander's Twitter: @lkahney

Alex's Twitter: @alexeheath

The Cultcast is Erfon Elijah, Buster Heine, Leander Kahney, Alex E. Heath talking about the latest Apple news and rumours. I have been a listener from the start and it has become my favourite podcast with the loose feel and very like-able personalities.


iTunes Link

Twitter: @Maccast

Adam Christianson just talks through the Apple news and rumours of the week. Not as entertaining as the Cultcast but very informative. If you want a smart perspective on all things Apple, this is the podcast to subscribe to.